REFRESH $67,000

Our most basic level to update your equipment. While we stand behind our work and all workmanship is warrantied this economic level does not carry our 1 year warranty.
$4,000 Full Service of all fluids and filters
$300 Inspection labor
Inspection of engine*
Inspection of Transmission*
Inspection of Pump*
Inspect transmission cooler*
Inspect suction manifold and piping*
$25,000 Re-hose and re-wire
$5,000 Split and clean radiator reassemble with pressure test
$400 Clean and rebuild grease system
$2300 New packing, valves, and seats in fluid end.
$600 Clean and repair controls
$21,000 Sandblast prep and paint
$3,000 Load Test
$5,000 Labor
*NOTE: anything on inspection that is does not pass will be quoted to repair or replace before any work is done. 

REMAN $280-464,000 + (REFRESH $67,000 - $3,300 DISCOUNT = $63,700) = $343,700-527,700

The Reman is our mid-range package to update your equipment. It includes everything as the Refresh with added 1 year warranty based on component replacement. Because there is a drastic difference in price this package will have to be based on the equipment’s engine and transmission set up.
$50-185,000 Good used low to 0 hour engine (exact pricing and hours will be on quote)
$35-75,000 Reman Transmission
$5500 Replace Drive lines
$125,000 Reman Power end and new fluid end
$4,000 New grease system
$26-35,000 New Controls (Tricon III, Tricon 4000, or Tricon 5)
$35,000 Labor 

REBUILD $100,000 + (REFRESH $67,000 - $5,000-$3,300 DISCOUNT= $58,700) + (REMAN $280-464,000) = $438,700-622,700

Our top level Rebuild package, this includes everything in the Refresh and Reman packages and we start from the ground up. With New and rebuilt components to make your equipment better than new. Updates where needed. Full 1 year warranty.
$44,000 New Cube Radiator
$21,000 New Axel and suspension
$35,000 Labor
New Driveline guards
Replace fenders
Replace suction piping