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Industrial Diesel MFG is a leading manufacturer and maintainer of industrial diesel engines and pumps that are designed to meet the demanding needs of industries such as oil and gas, mining, and construction. Our engines are known for their reliability, durability, and high performance.

What We Offer

At Industrial Diesel MFG, we understand that each industry has unique needs and requirements, which is why we offer a range of frac pumps with various horsepower ratings and configurations.

Frac Pumps

We offer a range of industrial pumps that are designed to handle a variety of fluids and materials. Our pumps are made to meet high durability and reliability standards, ensuring they can withstand even the toughest conditions.

Fluid Ends

Your pump may be working fine but it may not be as efficient as it should be. We offer fluid ends that will help your pump perform better. Our fluid ends ensures that your frac produces the required amount of pressure that your operation needs.

Pump Replacement Parts

Whether you need to replace a minor part of your frac pump or you need several parts replaced. We provide quality replacement parts for your frac equipment to ensure that your operation continues smoothly.

Pump and Engine Maintenance

We have a team of competent and experienced engineers that ensure that our clients have their pumping equipment functioning at their optimum capacities. We listen to our clients to ascertain their objectives and make our machines help them in achieving those goals.

About Us

At Industrial Diesel MFG, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction drives our success. We use only the highest-quality materials and employ the latest manufacturing techniques to ensure that our engines and pumps are of the highest standard. Additionally, our comprehensive support and maintenance services ensure that our client’s equipment is always in optimal condition.

Reach Out to Us

Whether you are looking for a diesel engine for your oil and gas drilling operations, or an industrial pump for your mining or construction project, Industrial Diesel MFG has the expertise and experience to meet your needs. Reach out to us to learn how we can improve the efficiency of your pumping equipment.

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IDMS consistently provides Quality Service Solutions to our industrial and oilfield service customers through prompt response and the application of time-proven products, designs, and technical support.

Serviceability is the driving force behind our new equipment designs as well as existing customer equipment retrofits. Keeping the customer in mind at all times is the business philosophy that keeps IDMS successful.

Industrial Diesel Manufacturing and Service offers Custom Power Units, including Diesel Engine Power Units, Diesel Engine driven Hydraulic Power Packs, Generator Sets as well as Pumping Equipment such as Water Blast Equipment, High Pressure Pumping Units, Well Service Fracturing Pump units and Manifold Trailers. Some of our other products are Custom Fabrication, Electronic Controls, Equipment Services including Refurbish and Retrofitting, and Pre-Owned Equipment.

Industrial Diesel Manufacturing and Service, Ltd. (IDMS) is a leading manufacturer of custom design, custom built industrial and oilfield well service equipment. IDMS specializes in diesel engine powered equipment and related service products. IDMS offers Diesel Engine Power Equipment, including Diesel Engine Hydraulic Power Pack Units (HPU), Industrial Power Units (Unitized Engine and Transmission Power Unit) Diesel Engine Generator Sets (Diesel Genset) as well as High Horsepower, High Pressure Pumping Equipment.

These units may be mounted on a Truck, Trailer, Open Skid or Enclosed Skid (Sound Attenuated)